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Daily Hunts

Come hunt on the famous Mississippi Delta for ducks and geese in flooded rice fields, bean fields, and naturally flooded wetlands.  We control thousands of acres of private hunting locations with comfortable blinds and pits that can be rented for the day with or without a guide!  Most of our locations are located near Crenshaw and Marks, MS.




Guided Hunt

Morning Hunt - $300 per hunter (3 hunter minimum)

Fully guided hunt with transportation to and from the blind.  Guides scout the afternoon prior for best chance to be on the birds.  For first time Mississippi Delta hunters I highly suggest a guided hunt.


Non-Guided Hunt (Pit or Blind Rental)

All Day Hunt - $600 for the entire pit or blind (6 hunter maximum - $100 per person with a full party of 6)

Decoys can be provided and you are on your own for the day!  Suggested for experienced hunters.

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